Dashy Snake Worm

Category : Arcade

Languages : English

Platforms: Android, iOS



Dashy Snake Worm

The Dashy Snake Worm is one arcade game that sticks to its strengths, with colorful visuals and exciting gameplay. The snake worm is expected to crawl its way throughout the game, avoiding contact with flowers by burrowing down the earth, or escape dashing with stones by jumping over them at the opportune time. The snake worm can collect points while jumping over the obstacles and earn points.

The gamer can also watch videos for coins and even take a GIF of the gameplay and save it. The worm dies if a flower or a boulder hits it thrice. There are rewards in store on specific time intervals for the gamers too.

A fun, addictive arcade game with attractive graphics and seamless gameplay.
Control your worm to overcome obstacles like flowers and boulders by jumping above or digging below them.
The game boasts of unique multi-touch control – pinch in to jump, pinch out to dig beneath the obstacles!​
The game features many built-in characters that can be unlocked with coins.
Continue a lost game by spending coins or watch ad videos.
Record gameplay and share their GIF images to different social networks.

The game supports different types of banner, interstitial and rewarded ads and in-app purchasing for buying coin packs and get rid of ads.

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Download this game to enjoy the worm struggling to jump and dig to avoid flowers and boulders! This is one game you can continue to play for hours together!

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