Draw Ball Connect

Category : Puzzle

Languages : English

Platforms: Android, iOS



Draw Ball Connect

You need to make two colored balls touch each other using your sense of physics. Let’s draw lines on the screen and bump balls to surpass levels!

Once you “bump two balls,” they make love and you make a level, and this is not simple, as it seems to you at first. With every level, the difficulty keeps increasing.

All this game is about is to keep clearing stages of complexity in physics – while “making the blue and red balls bump into each other”. One can draw any number of lines and shapes without lifting up the finger and those shapes need to push balls towards each other. It is pivotal to keep flexible thinking to achieve victory.

With every passed level, there is an opportunity for gamers to collect pens Starting off with a simple pencil, moving onto color pencils, crayons and so on. Collect pens and walk through the levels and add a bit of physics and creativity to get far.

What’s more, you can even share the moment of victory! You can view moments and share it with your friends showcasing your superior skills!

Awesome benefits in store
Test your brain abilities and your understanding of physics
Test your logical thinking along with your mental flexibility to clear levels.
Solve technical riddles that keep your mind occupied
Helps in intellectual growth over 100 levels
Enjoy the game in multiple languages

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