Shoot Out Clocks

Category : Puzzle

Languages : English

Platforms: Android, iOS



Shoot Out Clocks

Shoot out Clock is an addictive game where the player has to shoot down the other clock while targeting the clock hand.

Aim at the clock hand and shoot! The clocks keep changing sizes and shapes so it needs astute concentration to knock the other clock down, aiming them with the clock that turns black. If you manage to hit the clocks onboard, you surpass the level and gain points!

The game includes two modes: Quest mode and Endless mode. You need to blast those clocks to score. The Quest mode has more than 100 levels for you to enjoy with the complexity increasing with every level.

The game features terrific sound and gameplay for gamers of all ages. You can even take screenshots of your score and share it amongst friends through social media channels.

How to play and win!
In order to win, you have to shoot down the white clock by targeting the minute hand of the black clock. Easy to play but hard to master, shoot out clocks will keep you entertained and glued to your mobile screens for hours.

Tip: It’s all about your focus and sharp observation.

Highly addictive aim-and-shoot gameplay.
Different types of clocks with great special effects.
Two gaming modes: Quest and Endless
100 ready levels! And many exciting kinds of stuff!
Fully optimized for Android and iOS
Detailed documentation available

Download this fun and stress-free game today!