Sliding Santa Claus

Category : Arcade

Languages : English

Platforms: Android, iOS



Sliding Santa Claus

The sliding Santa Claus is one game that revives memories of Christmas any time of the year with the snow-falling effects and Santa!

This game is an arcade game that involves a Santa Claus riding on the sled on the snowy slopes. The gamer has to navigate Santa across the town in left and right directions, as Santa tries to collect gifts and avoid nasty obstacles that can make Santa fall down. Oh, how much could he be hurt!

Well, you can also add some accessories to the sled with the coins you earn with every game. You can even change Santa into a different character, maybe a Batman, and get him to hop on the sled and navigate across town. The musical tracks also change with the change in character that makes the game even more entertaining!


– Perfect game for Christmas season​
– Get Santa Claus to slide a zig-zag, snowy path to collect presents for all children
– Tap and hold on the screen to turn left, release your finger to turn right.
– Avoid obstacles strewn across the path and collect gifts.
– Check out dozens of vehicles and characters along with a change in environment
– Daily reward system with leader board access

Santa or no Santa, you’ll love it. Download this fun arcade game today!